In our sessions, we use The Lefkoe Method to help our clients change unwanted emotions or behaviors. We do this by eliminating limiting beliefs.

What are beliefs?

Beliefs are statements about yourself, others, or the world in general that you believe to be the truth. These statements become our life filter. Sometimes they work for us, sometimes they work against us. The tricky thing is that they sometimes start out as useful ways to understand the world and keep us safe when we are children, but cause dysfunction in adulthood. What was once a very logical and adaptive conclusion you reached as a child becomes maladaptive in a different environment, usually in adulthood. This is precisely what we target: when beliefs cause behaviors or emotions that no longer serve you, we call them “limiting beliefs”. Those are the ones we help our clients remove so they can reach their goals.

What if I have tried therapies such as CBT, journaling, hypnosis, etc…?

Rather than therapy, The Lefkoe Method is coaching. While therapy has its place, it often does not target and eliminate limiting beliefs as precisely and as quickly as The Lefkoe Method. With the method we use, limiting beliefs are removed permanently. All the work is done in session, there is no homework. We do not believe in long-haul therapy, and our goal is to send you on your way to live your best life as soon as possible.