The problem in your life or business that you would like to solve or see happen differently. Each problem may consist of several patterns of emotions, behaviors, and accompanied action or inaction.


Your thoughts and feelings as well as the actions you take or avoid when certain events in your life occur. These patterns are driven by beliefs.


A statement about the yourself, others, the world, or life in general that you hold to be true. When beliefs that we hold get in the way of us living and behaving the way we actually want be in the world, then those become limiting beliefs.

Survival Strategy

When an event happens and a limiting belief gets triggered causing you to do take or avoid action, that is a coping mechanism or survival strategy. When survival strategies are currently giving you negative results, it may be time to re-evaluate them.


Fear is an emotion that presents itself when there is uncertainty about one’s own ability or when one believes that a negative outcome is inevitable.


Anger is an emotion that one expresses when one does not feel like they have the power to control or enact change in a given situation.


Shame is an emotion you feel when you perceive that there is something wrong with you. You do not quite feel at ease yet with who you are.


Guilt is an emotion you feel when you blame yourself for something you did or perceived yourself to have done. You might feel like a burden to others or that you are the source of certain problems.